“No peace among nations without peace among religions. No peace among religions without dialogue between the religions. No dialogue between the religions without investigation of the foundations of the religions.” — Hans Kung


Interfaith Scriptural Reflection:

Cultivating integrity, wisdom, and respect in the human family

What: Interfaith Scriptural Reflection (ISR) is a bi-weekly gathering of individuals who seek to deepen their understanding of scriptural teachings from their own and other Abrahamic traditions. Each session, passages related to a common topic will be selected from Hebrew, Christian, and Muslim sacred texts. Topics will focus on teachings for everyday living, and ways of being in the world that have been considered desirable by most cultures, religions, and great literature throughout history.

ISR encourages participants to affirm and pursue their ideals and the virtuous qualities they would like to develop more fully in their everyday lives. ISR seeks to promote greater understanding, respect and friendship among people of different faiths. By consciously applying universal values in choices and relationships, it is hoped that participants will experience a deepening of their faith and greater peace of mind.

God willing, each session will include: an opening prayer; readings from Hebrew, Christian and Muslim scriptures; time for short contemplation/sharing after each reading; personal reflections & intentions; a closing prayer, and light refreshments.

When and Where: A new group will be forming in the fall when details will be determined.


If Interested: Please contact us here.

Individuals from any faith or no faith are welcome!