Standing Together


Human Dignity–Justice–Compassion–Wisdom

Standing Together

An interfaith pursuit of values fostered by religion that are necessary to sustain a free, pluralistic society.

Standing Together, an interfaith study and dialogue program, seeks to foster greater understanding, respect, and cooperative social action among citizens from different faith traditions.

Sessions explore:

  • The relevance of sacred teachings in modern life
  • The positive influence faith can have on individuals and a democratic society
  • The relevance of sacred teachings in modern life

What’s Happened, What’s Next, & Future Opportunities

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   2016 Eastside and Seattle Events – Various locations

Note: All Eastside events occur on Sundays from 4–6 pm. All Seattle events occur on Mondays from 7–9 pm.
  •  Ideals and Virtues: Too much of a Good Thing?
    Sun., March 20 (Eastside) • Newport Presbyterian, Bellevue 4010 120th Ave SE, Bellevue, WA 98006
    Mon., April 4 (Seattle) • Casey Commons (Casey Building – 5th Floor), Seattle University, 825 10th Ave., Seattle. (Find a campus map here.)